Subterranean trance-like movements of afro-funk mashed-up with psychedelic guitar lines and scatterings of broken brass is the order and Papa Chango delivers like no other. Unique in this thriving Melbourne scene they take it to the gritty edge, melding banging technique with playful exuberance. This Melbourne based 8-piece brings audiences to a sweat on packed dance-floors, evoking a hidden spirit within.

2012 saw the release of their breakthrough album, 'The Matador'. Taking the listener on a sonic journey over barren plains and rugged terrain, 'The Matador' is the "soundtrack to the film yet to be filmed."

2014 was the year of the Dragonfly. The four-track EP, 'Enter The Dragonfly', was unleashed. A one-inch-punch of a release bursting with kung-fury from start to finish. .

In 2016, their latest release, 'The Lost Moon of Bellaris' continues the sonic evolution of the band, pushing further out into the vastness of the void, propelling you towards distant, unexplored territories.

Featuring newest member Nat Grant on vibraphone and percussion, along with special guests, the band have let their ethio-jazz influences take hold and delivered an album that explores the darkness of space and the lightness of life. From the luscious horn and vibraphone melodies of the title track, through to the deep, subterranean rhythms of 'Nightmares on Sax' and the straight dance floor swagger of 'The Son and The Snake'. Once again, texture and form are at the forefront of the release with 8 tracks of cinematic, instrumental badness. .

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